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Study abroad

Study abroad

Porta Aperta is a partner with more than 20 universities and 10 international IB schools in Europe.

Our agency will help you in all stages of preparation for studying abroad, from writing the application itself and a motivation letter, to preparing and translating supporting documents, taking a foreign language test, applying for a visa, finding accommodation and preparing a trip.

We will also apply for available scholarships for you. You are guided through the entire process by your mentor who ensures that you successfully prepare for this important event and leave nothing to chance.

Enrolment process

The enrolment process takes a few months from the moment you contact us until the moment you are completely ready to travel. From the very beginning and the first meeting with you, our counselors focus on the needs and wishes of students to whom we provide psychological support, we help in finding the ideal program for undergraduate and master's studies, we help in searching for accommodation and filling in forms for student visas and we deal with the application procedure, by preparing and sending documentation.

Important note

Porta Aperta cannot guarantee clients that they will be admitted to the desired university or get a visa, that is decided by those institutions, but we can help you prepare adequately.

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