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Aptis is a highly reliable online test of the British Council that tests candidates' English skills in a variety of language skills with great precision. Aptis consists of five components:

Reading (35 min);

Grammar and Vocabulary (25 min);

Writing (50 min);

Listening (40 min) and

Speaking (12 min).

Each tested skill is assigned a CEFR level. If all components are completed on time, an overall CEFR level is assigned. Each CEFR level describes the language competencies in the individual skills described on the back of the report.

With Aptis you can:

Aptis is a very flexible test that candidates can take at any time during the year and get results in 48 hours.

To prepare for the Aptis test, download the Candidate Guides here:

Aptis Generaldownload

Aptis Advanceddownload

Aptis Complaints and Appeals policydownload