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Enrollment in international IB schools

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a global leader in international education that creates curious, educated, confident and responsible young people. IB programmes empower students to take ownership of their own learning and help them develop skills and future readiness to become successful people and thrive in a rapidly changing world. IB programs are designed for students aged 16 to 18.

How do IB schools differ from the ordinary curriculum of high schools?

IB programs provide more than a regular curriculum.  They give students a clear edge because they develop their critical thinking, foster curiosity to learn and discover new things, and build complex problem-solving skills.

Research approaches in work and quality teaching staff encourage students to develop their potential to the maximum and achieve academic excellence.

In addition, staying in the international environment of IB schools strongly develops intercultural knowledge and multilingualism, and broadens the horizons and worldview in young people.   

Porta Aperta can help you choose an adequate school for your teen and provide them with a superior education and cultural experience that will build them in a holistic way.

The IB diploma is considered one of the best preparations for admission to universities around the world.

Porta Aperta will help you choose a private or public IB school in one of the cities of Europe and provide complete administrative support during enrollment and travel.  Schedule a free introductory consultation at the education@portaaperta.me