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LanguageCert English exams

LanguageCert are innovative, reliable and internationally recognized tests in English and Spanish that have been developed by applying extremely rigorous standards. The English LanguageCert exams are recognized by Ofqual, England’s government institution responsible for regulating and maintaining standards of qualifications and examinations. They are also recognized and accepted by official authorities, organizations and universities around the world. These exams are innovative because they offer clients a flexible way of sitting tests using sophisticated technology that ensures security, confidentiality, comfort and efficiency.

Like Cambridge English exams, LanguageCert exams offer a full range of levels aligned with the CEFR framework and accepted worldwide for admission to foreign universities.  LanguageCert belongs to the group of ESOL exams, intended for speakers of other languages.

LanguageCert offers innovative ways of scheduling, sitting and re-sitting exams in a short time, and in three different ways: a computer-based test, a pen and paper test, or an online proctored test that uses advanced technology to administer the test in your space, without an administrator present. Online proctored test is a very comfortable way of taking tests remotely and getting the results no later than three days.

LanguageCert exams can be taken at any time throughout the year. Fes will be announced soon.

LanguageCert exams:


A1 Preliminary

A2 Access

B1 Achiever

B2 Communicaotr

C1 Expert

C2 Mastery

Pre A1 Young Learners Fox

A1 Young Learners Owl

LanguageCert Test of English

Porta Aperta offers you to take individual language components or tests for specific purposes. Contact us to get detailed information about the exams stating the purpose for which you need the exam at the education@portaaperta.me.

A1-B1 Listening and Reading

A1-C2 Listening and Reading

A1-C2 Writing

A1-C2 Speaking

A1-B1 Listening and Reading

A1-C2 Writing

B1-C2 Academic

A2-C1 General


Preparation courses for LanguageCert

Porta Aperta offers preparatory courses for all levels from A1 to C2. Courses can be organized in small groups or as individual classes.  If you want to enroll in one of the LanguageCert courses, please contact us at education@portaaperta.me.


You can find the price list at this link.

For more detail on each level, please see below.